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Teaching lessons in a assuring and knowledgable way resulting in maximum engagement, retention, and ROI

Igniting your Passion
Captivating your Audience
Activating your Genius

- Jim Niswonger

Women Colleagues
Top 5 Roadblocks to Working With a Professional Voice Over
  • Limited budget available for the project.

  • Professional voiceover is perceived as a splurge/ nice to have.

  • In house staff providing the voice over

  • Reduced productivity by not working on core proficiency

Potential Downsides of Internal Voiceover
  • Recording and editing takes time away from optimizing your productivity.

  • On average 1 finished hour of recording take 4-5 hours of work.​

  • Reduced audio quality because not recorded in professional studio (audio quality).

  • Sound like you are reading a script rather than having a conversation with the listener.

voRORR_5-x5- - White.png
Top 5 Value Add's of Working
with a Profession Voiceover Talent
  • Increased productivity as ID's are working on content while voiceover produces audio

  • Consistent audio quality

    • ​Eliminate distractions due to background noises

    • Consistent sound level

    • Consistent vocal tone and delivery

  • Quality of the recorded vocal tone and delivery

    • Consistency of reading

    • Conversational vs. Professional tones

  • Deliverables include files splitting to match slides/screen progress.

Let's work together to improve attendance, completion, and impact

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