Frequently asked questions about the process

My goal is to build a long term relationship with clients, rooted in collaboration, value, and engagement.


Vocal Qualities

  • African-American Female Voiceover Talent
  • Fluent English speaker (native language)
  • Neutral North American accent
  • Vocal Age: 30-50
  • Vocal Sound:
  • Trustworthy
  • Assuring/Reassuring
  • Confident
  • Authoritative

Studio Specifications

  • Microphone: Lewitt LCT 440 Pure
  • Interface: Audient iD14
  • DAW: Twisted Wave & Adobe Audition
  • Workstation: Mac Book Pro
  • Directed Session: ipDTL, Video Conferencing, Phone Call
  • File Transfer: Google Drive, Dropbox, We Transfer, or other service
  • Deliverables: .mp3, .wav, .aiff file format

How Are Rates Calculated

  • 7 Factors are considered when quoting a project:
  1. Length of project based on words, minutes or hours.
  2. Technical copy
  3. Fast delivery (within 24 hours) vs. Flexible delivery (72 hours or more)
  4. Large, multi-module projects
  5. Complex file splits & labeling requirements
  6. Usage (media & time) - where and how long the content will be used,
    • Website
    • Social media posts
    • TV or radio broadcast
    • Internet/web advertisement (pre-roll or web ads)
    • Paid placement social media campaign (boosted posts)
  7. Market (region) - where the content will be viewed.
    • Local
    • Regional
    • National and International
  • Additional Services:
    • Changes to copy​ after recording begins​​
    • Video & Power Point synchronization
    • Adding music beds
  • Rates are based on industry standards as outlined in the GVAA rate guideline.
  • All rates are quoted in US dollars (USD).

voRORR_5-x5- - White.png

Phase 1: Establish the Deliverables

Discovery Call

  • Establish the specifics of your project - the "Project Brief"
  • Goals determined by the client
  • Point-of-view for the voice over
  • Target audience & Desired outcomes
Schedule & Deliverables ​
  • Establish due date for delivering audio
  • Confirm the types of files to be delivered and file splitting requirements
  • Confirm if files are to be edited, edited and mastered or delivered raw
​​ Budget
  • Confirm project budget or prepare a quote
  • Review and confirm the budget/quote meets both parties expectations​
Establish Tone & Pacing
  • Describe the voice over point of view. This informs the:
  • tone
  • pacing
  • dynamic range
  • provide a "sounds like" reference (typically a celebrity,) or a reference sample (audio or video.)
  • Are there any KPI's that should be factored into the delivery of the copy?​

Phase 2: Recording, Editing, & Mastering

  • 3 Options for recording
  • self-directed session recorded in home broadcast quality studio
  • directed session via remote connection
  • record at a remote/local studio of your choice
  • Self-Directed Production
  • Record, edit, & master files based on the approved sample
  • Editing and Mastering are included in services (unless otherwise negotiated)
  • 1,500 words or less than 10 min. - Typically 48-72 hour turnaround
  • 3,000 words or less than 20 min. - Typically 3 days - 5 days turnaround
  • 3,000 words + is negotiated​
  • Fast delivery (24 hours) available
​​ Custom Sample for Review
  • 1 min sample read for review and confirmation
  • Audio production will begin upon your approval​
Submit Audio for Approval
  • Submit audio file for approval
  • Files delivered in .mp3, .wav, or .aiff file format via email or file transfer service.
  • Files separated as requested.
  • Client Review Period
  • Typically 10 business days from receipt of audio​ file​

Phase 3: Review & Approval


  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions at 10% or less of the script/word count are included (unless otherwise negotiated)
  • Typically 24-48 hrs turnaround for revisions​
Revisions & Re-takes
  • Retakes are errors in pronunciation or missed word on my part
  • Revisions are changes to the script after the approved script has been submitted.
  • All retakes are included in the fee
  • Revisions beyond 2 rounds or 10% of the script/word count are subject to additional fees
  • Session fee for revisions - $100/hr with a half hour minimum
Final Approval
  • Client will have another 10 business days after the submission of revised audio files to review and comment
  • After the 10th business day, if no comments have been received, the project will be considered closed
  • Any revision or retakes after that 10 business day period will be subject to a session fee or new project quote depending on the extend of the feedback
  • Session fee for revisions - $100/hr with a half hour minimum
​​ *Dates and timelines for the review and approval phase can be negotiated during Phase 1 when the project is being quoted.