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Bridge at Sunset

Voice Over Talent

I am an Explorer. A Lover of Learning new things.

A curious person who is genuinely interested in people, places, and things.

Robynne did an amazing job. Her attention to detail is like no one I've worked with before. Excellent communication, excellent work, a joy to work with. Look forward to the next time.

Joshua B.

voRORR - Headshot 600x600.png

Growing up between Washington D.C and Kingston Jamaica has afforded me a unique sensibility and perspective on life. I guess my love of exploration and my love of learning new things stems from this unique experience.

With a background in architecture and construction management, I thrive in the space where art, technology, psychology, and commerce converge. 


I know how to take ideas or concepts and deliver tangible this case, the read that connects you to your audience.

One of my best skills is what I call active listening. Asking probing questions; getting to the “why” of the need, not just the “what”. This informs all creative decisions made during the studio session.

My goal is to build a long term relationship with you, rooted in collaboration, value, and engagement.

Words to live by...

Aim for the sky and fall on the mountain top.
Aim for the mountain top and fall in the valley.

- Unknown and/or Cherrie Anderson Orr (my mom)


A career architect, Robynne has spent years telling the stories of her ideas to diverse audiences while building consensus, expanding horizons, and addressing concerns to achieve successful outcomes. This rewarding experience, along with her lifelong love for performing, fostered a natural attraction to voiceover.

Professional Experience

  • 20 years in the Architecture / Engineering / Construction Field

  • 15 Years Healthcare Architecture

  • 5 Years Lab Planning

  • 5 Year Mentor in AEC field (High School)

Subject Matter Experience

  • Architecture / Engineering / Construction Industries

  • Project Management / Construction Management

  • Facilities Operation

  • Healthcare/Medical Narration 

  • Research/Lab 

  • Academic

  • Real Estate / Land Development / Zoning

Personal Interest

  • Dance

  • Youth Sports  (Baseball & Football)

  • Mentoring

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