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The Answers you Need
Quick Specs:
  • Neutral North American English Accent

  • Female, African American Voice Over Talent

  • Vocal Age Range: 25 - 45 Years Old 

  • ​Based on the NY Metro Area (Milford CT)

What is the value that I bring to your production experience?
  • I am a genuinely curious person more interested in the why rather than the what. My love of exploring and learning translate to an authentic discovery experience and a more engaging read. Content that is engaging and connects to the audience translates to increased retention rates and ROI.

  • Key assets: 

    • Attention to detail

    • Reliable and On-time delivery

    • Excellent communication throughout the project

    • Telling engaging stories and clearly explaining ideas, in a trustworthy and authentic way

    • Ability to connect with diverse audiences

My Goal on Every Project is to

Exceeding Expectations   +   Adding Value in Unexpected Places

Let's talk about process.

  • Projects are dynamic, deadlines are real, and scripts can be fluid. My approach to project success is rooted in collaboration and maximizing the finite resources of time and finances. 

  • First, let's have a conversation to talk about the specifics of your project; your goals; and the desired outcomes - the "Project Brief"

  • Once the project brief has been outlined and a draft script reviewed, I will submit a proposal based on length of the script, usage (where the audio will be used and for how long,) and delivery schedule.

  • Once accepted I will identify an approach including tone, emotion, pace, and dynamic ranges. In most cases, I will provide you with a test sample to confirm that my interpretation meets your expectations.

  • Once we agree on the approach, and the script is finalized I am ready to begin recording. 

  • The recording session can take place in three ways: record in my in-home studio (non-directed session), directed session recording in my in-home studio or recording at a remote studio.

Pricing:  SKILL + VALUE = RATE
  • ​Many factors as considered when negotiating a quote, specifically

    • the length of script,

    • the market the content will be used,

    • and the length of time the content will be used. 

  • My rates are specific to each project and based on industry standards as outlined at the GVAA rate guidelines. 

  • Edited and mastered audio files in MP3, WAV, or AIFF format.

  • Delivery via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or file transfer service of your preference.

Professional Home Studio
  • Professional in-home studio.

  • Available for in-studio sessions within a 2-hr drive of Milford, CT. 

  • Directed sessions available via ipDTL and Zoom/Skype

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