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Giving life to your words in an engaging way is the service that I provide. can I best communicate for you?​

Robynne Orr | Voice Over Talent


Robynne voiced a "How To" video for my singagram business. I was extremely pleased with both the process and the end result. She is the consummate professional, holding her work to a very high standard. An active listener, collaborator and clear communicator, Robynne understood and executed my vision flawlessly. Her voice is confident, reassuring, and engaging. I've definitely found my "go to" vo person.

Sahran W.

Image by Will Francis

From 30-second public service spots to 30 minute e-learning sessions,

I bring authenticity and confidence to your story.

Every read is approachable and connects with audiences of different backgrounds, cultures, and generations. ​  ​

Let's work together to make challenging content easy to understand!

Client's Journey

Are you an Independent Client?

Are you a producer or in production?

You have identified the need for a voice over talent for an existing project.

you have heard a sample of my work 

you have done a google search

I have been refered to you as someone to consider

you have listen to sampels of provious projects  (above)  and determined that my voice might be a good fit for your project

Discovery Call

we scehdule a discovery call so that I can learn more about

  • your business and its mission

  • the project goals,

  • your target audience,

  • your voice over needs

  • the project schedule

  • the project budget

this is also a great time for you get to know me better, and to see if I would be a good fit your your production team

based on our conversation I will prepare a custom audition for you consideration or to confirm the tone that you are looking for


I will

  • record the script

  • provide a 5 min sample for review and confirmation if applicable *

  • clarify unique pronunciations or terms

  • edit the recording

  • and master the audio

submit the final audio for review and comment according to the agreed upon deliverables and milestones.

i will also point out any misc. grammatical or script modification that might have presented themselves during the recording so that you can provide specific direction on those items during the review.

after comments are received I will pick-up retakes*  and limited revisions**.


the final recording will them be delivered. 

* if the project is a long form narration or e-learning project, 

I will send a 5-minuet sample got approval to confirm that the recording meets your expectations

** Retakes - errors in pronouncition or missed word on my part

*** Revisions - changes to the script after the approved script has been submitted.

Follow Through

for projects with multiple levels of approval, there is additional support for limited revisions within two weeks of submitting the final deliverables.

please note that your approvals process must be outlined during the discovery call and the anticipated approvals timeline agreed to during the project confirmation stage

Informal survey for you to provide feedback on what went right, and what value you thought my services added to your project. And what could be improved, what aspect of my services could be done better.

Working Together

if you decide that I am the right voice for the project we will confirm

  • the approved script

  • the usage

  • the deliverables and milestones

  • the schedule

  • the fee

What’s my Audio Brand?

  Trustworthy    Nurturing    Assuring    Authoritative 

Feel free to reach out as a resource when planning your next project or to discuss how voice over can improve your customer experience.

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