Robynne voiced a "How To" video for my Singagram business. I was extremely pleased with both the process and the end result. She is the consummate professional, holding her work to a very high standard. As an active listener, collaborator, and clear communicator, Robynne understood and executed my vision flawlessly. Her voice is confident, reassuring, and engaging. I've definitely found my "go to" VO person.

- Small Business/Freelance Client

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I love to tell stories. Let me help you connect with your listener as we take them on a journey to ...

• tell your brand story, 

• demonstrate how to expand horizons, work smarter,

   and stay safer,

• explain big and little ideas to inform and elevate,

• describe complex and technical concepts that are critical

   to successful outcomes,

• and encourage and motivate to be their best.


My clients hire me for projects that need a 25-45 year old,

confident, grounded, smart, warm, relatable voice.

If you have 15 minutes for a discovery call or a quick email, let's figure out how.


Every read is approachable and connects with audiences of different backgrounds, cultures, and generations. ​ 

- ​​

Let's connect to discuss how my voice can add value

to your content, messaging, or communication.

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